The University of Banja Luka, founded on November 7, 1975 and comprising of 17 faculties today, is the leading higher education institution in the Republic of Srpska and the second largest one in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since 2007, the University has been integrated, with the faculties functioning as organizational units.

It is managed by the Steering Board, Senate and Rector, who is assisted by the Vice-Rector for education and students’ affairs, Vice-Rector for scientific research and development, Vice-Rector for international and inter-university cooperation, and Vice-Rector for staff and material resources.

At the moment, there are 811 fully employed professors and teaching assistants, 342 professors working part-time, and 175 visiting professors, the administration of the University totaling 559 employees.

So far, the University has produced 31,500 graduates, 700 hundred specialists, 1,150 MA/MSc and 600 PhD degree holders respectively, with 20,000 students currently enrolled at its study programmes.

Most faculties are situated in two separate campus sites near the banks of the River Vrbas, in the vicinity of downtown area. Each campus site is equipped with dormitories with accompanying canteens, sports courts, students’ clubs and University Computer Centre.

The University of Banja Luka disposes of all necessary facilities, from classrooms and amphitheatres, over reading rooms and libraries, to laboratories and computer rooms. The total classroom area is 16,000 m2, while the laboratories take up 10,000 m2. In most classrooms there are computers and over-head projectors, allowing for use of digital contents in class. As far as the computer rooms, there are 20 of them, all providing a 24-hour access to the Internet. In addition, the libraries provide their users with 185,000 titles and are subscribed to 75 journals.

University of Banja Luka is a member of the European University Association – EUA and is a signatory of the Magna Charta Universitatum. The University is a member of the International University Network for Academic and Research Cooperation, under the patronage of the La Sapienza University Science Park, Rome, Italy, the General Assembly of Interuniversity Centre for Research and Cooperation with Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (CIRCEOS), with headquarters at the University of Bari, Italy, UniAdrion universities network with headquarters in Ancona, Italy, EMUNI foundation with headquarters in Slovenia and the Agency for Francophone Universities (AUF).

The Faculty of Law is a modern, well-organized and recognized higher education and scientific institution . Many academics, university professors, well-known and recognized lawyers, judges, prosecutors, politicians, directors of large business companies and other important public figures have been educated in this institution

For student to complete our Faculty of Law and acquire degree of law graduate (240 ECTS points), he/she is required to attend classes on 34 (thirty-four) subjects and pass identical number of exams, as described in Faculty of Law curriculum. Besides the 34 subjects, students who did not attend Latin language classes in their high school education are obliged prior to taking exams in the winter semester of 1st year of study to pass Latin language exam.

Each subject brings specific number of ECTS points depending on the workload required by the student. Each semester is consisted of subjects cumulating in 30 (thirty) ECTS points, and each year cumulates to 60 (sixty) ECTS points, which in total cumulates to 240 (two hundred and forty) ECTS points. After collecting all points and successful pass of all exams student is accredited with the title “law graduate” of state Faculty of Law of Banja Luka University.

Curriculum of Faculty of Law aims to constantly align and fit our faculty into modern streams of higher education, and therefore we are seeking to accomplish following goals:

  • Increase the level of quality of the studies to a higher level in accordance with relevant international standards
  • Setting the balance between general-educational and expert-law lectures, while focusing more on law-vocational subjects
  • Stimulating active student participation in the educational process through individual and team work
  • Engagement of all teachers in the process
  • Intensifying cooperation between academic and practical spheres.

During the studying programme students acquire basic law knowledge, but also knowledge from other spheres of social sciences, such as economy, history, sociology, politics, etc. Besides this, special emphasis is given to practical education of students through writing and analysing different pleadings, organization of simulation trials and introduction of legal clinics.


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Faculty of Law in Banja Luka is the first faculty for the study of legal science in Krajina and is currently the bearer of legal thinking and education in Republic of  Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The history of law is closely linked to the development of civilization and the progress of society. The history of the Banja Luka Faculty of Law is closely related to the development of the Republic of Srpska.

There is a large number of law faculties in the area.

Our faculty differs from others to the specific education of young people, the innovations in teaching, the criteria for which it is known that the degree from the Faculty of Law is driven by knowledge and modernization in which we have stepped in bravely and eager of the progress and improvement of the teaching and scientific process.

Since its inception, the Faculty of Law has been trying to have good cooperation with international organizations and faculties where legal and political sciences are studied.

This cooperation gradually and carefully developed in order to increase the quality of teaching at our faculty and its better positioning on the world’s faculty lists.

We have the highest quality of study in BiH.

We have the largest faculty amphiteather in the country.

We have a unique courtroom for simulation trials with the most modern equipment and support.

In our library there is over 37 000 titles.

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Prof. dr Željko Mirjanić 
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Vice-Dean for Teaching and Student Affairs

Prof. dr Zoran Vasiljević 
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Vice-Dean for International and Interuniversity cooperation

Prof. dr Igor Milinković
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